Matematika untuk SMA MA Kelas X Semester 1. Buku Matematika SMA/MA Jilid 1A ini disusun berdasarkan Kurikulum Edisi Revisi Soal Pemecahan Masalah Dalam Buku Siswa Pelajaran Matematika Peminatan SMA Kelas X Kurikulum PUBLIKASI Buku Matematika Peminatan Kelas X Sma Ma Pembahasan Soal - [PDF] [EPUB] Buku. Matematika Peminatan Kelas X Sma Ma Pembahasan.

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    Buku Matematika Sma Kelas X Pdf

    Berikut ini saya bagikan buku-buku matematika yang terdiri dari buku Format buku yang saya share terdiri dari dua jenis, yaitu pdf dan djvu, untuk format . Matematika Wajib Kelas X Kurikulum Revisi · Matematika Wajib Download Soal SIAP UNBK Matematika SMA Program IPA Seri HOTS m4th -lab. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). Pada jenjang Madrasah Aliyah iii Buku Guru Kelas X MA Peminatan Ilmu-ilmu Keagamaan dikembangkan kajian khusus mata pelajaran yaitu: a) Tafsir-Ilmu.

    Buku ini merupakan buku guru yang dipersiapkan Pemerintah dalam rangka implementasi Kurikulum Buku guru ini disusun dan ditelaah oleh berbagai pihak di bawah koordinasi Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, dan dipergunakan dalam tahap awal penerapan Kurikulum Buku ini merupakan "dokumen hidup" yang senantiasa diperbaiki, diperbaharui, dan dimutakhirkan sesuai dengan dinamika kebutuhan dan perubahan zaman. Masukan dari berbagai kalangan diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kualitas buku ini. Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Utami Widyati, Furaidah, Zuliati Rohmah. Safrina dan Helena I. Pusat Kurikulum dan Perbukuan, Balitbang Kemdikbud. Meeting My Idol

    Had you lived close to Cut Nyak Dhien, what would you have done to support her efforts in fighting against the Dutch colonialization? What would you have done? Can you imagine what would have happened without the presence of people like Cut Nyak Dhien? Do you feel thankful to her and her people? How will you express your thanksfulness? If needed, you may change the parts of speech. It is called the Goddess Island. Kurikulum 41Bahasa Inggris3.

    Their words were listened, followed and applied by people. During the earthquake, the troops are busy helping people to move.

    They do it for the sake of God. The punishment was given to make him feel a deep regret for having done such a cruel behavior. Observe the following sentences. Compare the sentences in column A to those in column B. Because Teuku Umar was undersupplied, he surrendered to Dutch. Undersupplied, Teuku Umar surrendered to Dutch. Although Cut Nyak Dhien desperately fought back, she was captured. Despite her desperate fight back, Dhien was captured. Discuss the answer to the following questions with your friend.

    What makes the sentences in column A different from the sentences in column B? What do you think about the length of the sentences in column A and column B? How do we reduce clauses to become phrases?

    Sentences in column A contain adverbial clauses. Sentences in column B contain adverbial phrases. Pay attention to the bold-typed parts of the sentences. Kelas X44 Semester 2Task 2: Change the following adverbial clauses to adverbial phrases. After Andrea knew that her friends did not trust her anymore, she decided to move to another town. When Etty heard that she won the Mathematic Olympiad, she called her parents.

    Because she had always been interested in sports, Tirta became a loyal supporter of the football team. Although he was hurt, Hasan managed to smile. Before he answered the phone, Tomi grabbed a pencil and notepad.

    After she had finished doing her homework, Siti went to the gym. While I was away in college, I stayed with my roommates family during one spring break. When Wahyu goes out of town, Wahju calls his son and daughter to check if they are fine. Although Jono was impressed by the bravery of his son, Jono had harsh words for him.

    Discuss in pairs. Discuss with your friends: Role play. Work in groups of 4: Step 1: Choose a famous person you like. Dont forget to include a topic and a controlling idea in your sentence. See the first sentence in the reading text as an example.

    Continue writing another sentence. Try to connect your sentence and your friends.

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    Then, give the paper to your friend on your right. Kelas X46 Semester 2Step 2: What do you think?

    Whats good and not good about it? Step 3: Try to use adverbial phrases that you just learned. Then identify what plan you will do to imitate their success.

    Kurikulum 47Bahasa InggrisTujuan Pembelajaran: Setelah mempelajari Bab 14, siswa diharapkan mampu: MenunjukkankesungguhanbelajarbahasaInggristerkaitteksnaratifsederhana berbentuk legenda rakyat. Menunjukkan perilaku peduli, percaya diri, dan tanggung jawab dalam melaksanakankomunikasiterkaitteksnaratifsederhanaberbentuklegenda rakyat. Chapter 14IssumboshiSource: Use the following headings to discuss the story. Who are the characters? Where did the story take place? What is the problem complication?

    What is the ending resolution? Read the text carefully. Once upon a time there was an old couple who didnt have a child. They lived in a small house near the village forest. Please give us a child, they asked God everyday. One day, from the household Shinto altar, they heard a cute cry, Waa! They looked and saw a crying baby who looked just like a little finger. This child must be a gift from God.

    Thanks to God! We will call this child Issumboshi, they said. They raised Issumboshi with much care, but Issumboshi never grew bigger. Hey, Issumboshi, do you want to be eaten by a frog?

    Issumboshi was always being bullied by the children of the village and often went home feeling unhappy. Grandmother would make some big rice balls and encourage him.

    Eat a lot, and grow up quickly, Grandmother said. Then I will come back. Grandfather and Grandmother were worried about him, but Issumboshis mind would not be changed. At once they began to prepare for his trip.


    Issumboshi sheathed a needle sword in a straw case, put on a cup for a sedge hat, and started out with a chopstick staff, in high spirits. Im going now, Issumboshi said. Is he safe? With such a small body? Grandfather and Grandmother asked as they saw him off.

    Issumboshi went on the trip with a big wish in a small body. At last Issumboshi reached the capital city and anchored under the bridge. Then he climbed up to the railing and viewed the town. There is a fine palace over there.

    I shall ask them at once. At long last Issumboshi arrived at the palace. Excuse me, but I want to meet the feudal lord. The lord came to the door, What?

    Whos there? Here I am, at your feet. How small! Why do you want to meet me? Please let me be your retainer. I wonder if your very small body can do anything. Ill stay in your pocket and guard you from all harm.

    When Issumboshi said so, a bee came buzzing by. Issumboshi yelled, stabbing the bee. I employ you. It would be good if you became the Princesss man. What a cute fellow he is!

    The Princess liked Issumboshi, and she taught him reading, writing, and various studies. Further, Issumboshi practiced fencing very hard in order to be strong. One day the Princess went out to worship at the Kiyomizu Temple.

    Suddenly there was a strong wind, and some demons appeared. The leader of the demons tried to grab the Princess. Help me! Issumboshi tried to help her, but the demon caught him and threw him into his mouth. Issumboshi, who was swallowed, jabbed and jabbed the demons stomach. The demon rolled over and spat out Issumboshi. Issumboshi jumped at the demon and stabbed his eyes. The remaining demons were frightened.

    They ran away in great haste, but one demon, who was left behind, trembled while holding the magic hammer. Do you want me to stab your eyes, too? Issumboshi asked. Please, dont. This is the magic hammer that will grant you a wish. I give it to you, so please spare me. And saying this, he ran off in a hurry. Thank you, Issumboshi. You have saved my life, the Princess said. Princess, please wave this magic hammer and make a wish that I may become big, said Issumboshi.

    The Princess waved it and asked, May Issumboshi become big! And then, strangely, before her eyes, Issumboshi began to grow. He grew into a nice young man. They went back to the palace, and the Princess asked the King to let her marry Issumboshi. The Princess and Issumboshi then got married, and they invited Grandfather and Grandmother to live with them in the palace. They lived happily ever after. In the story Issumboshi there are words that describe the characters and the setting.

    Find them in the story and list them below. Characters SettingIssumboshi: In the story there are also words that tell us what happen. These words are doing words verbs.

    They tell us what the characters do. Thinking verbs are verbs that describe how the characters feel or what the characters think. Find the doing and thinking verbs in the story. List them in the following table. Create as many questions as you can based on the story.

    Then, exchange your questions with a friend sitting next to you. Discuss them together. Where did the old couple live? What did they hear from the household Shinto altar? How did Issumboshi feel when he was bullied? What should you do? The police found the dead man in the apartment. He seems to be in control of the village matters. Individually, complete the following chart to find out the structure of the story about Issumboshi. The problem in the story Complication The ending of the story Resolution Task 2: Work in pairs to discuss the result of your work in Task 1, and then share it with the class.

    Study the following pairs of sentences carefully. We will call this child Issumboshi, the old couple said. The old couple said that they would call that child Issumboshi. Issumboshi told the grandparents, I will go to the capital to study. Issumboshi told the grandparents that he would go to the capital to study. Issumboshi said that he was going then.

    There is a fine palace over there, Issumboshi said. Issumboshi said that there was a fine palace over there. Issumboshi said, I want to meet the feudal lord. Issumboshi said that he wanted to meet the feudal lord. DirectSpeechThe old couplesaid We will callthis childIssumboshi. ReportedSpeechThe old couplesaid thattheywould callthat childIssumboshi. Kurikulum 57Bahasa InggrisCompare: Direct SpeechIssumboshitold the grandparentsIwill go to the capitalto study.

    ReportedSpeechIssumboshitold the grandparents thathewould go to the capitalto study. Put the following direct sentences into reported speech. Issumboshi said to the princess, Ill stay in your pocket and guard you from all harm.

    Biologi SMA Kelas 10 - Kurikulum Revisi

    The lord said, Ill employ you. Issumboshi told the princess, Ill defend you upon my life. The demon said, This magic hammer will grant you a wish. The demon said to Issumboshi, I give this magic hammer to you. John said, I am feeling ill. Bob told me, Dan works very hard.

    Riana said, I dont have any brothers or sisters. Fadhil told me, Sarah has a very well-paid job. Tika said, I dont like fish. The manager said to Santi, I employ you. The teacher told the students, You have to collect the assignment on November Rudi said, My mother is leaving for Jakarta soon. Sasha told Iman, You need to plan the program carefully. Narti said, The school is organizing a trip for the students of Year 10 only. Talk with a partner about what you would do with the magic hammer if you were the princess.

    Why would you do so?

    Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. Kurikulum 59Bahasa InggrisTask 2: This is the beginning part of a story about Kanchil. The text is not written properly. Edit the 15 words in the text so that the story makes sense. Kanchil, the small and clever mousedear, had many enemies in the forest. One of his greatest enemies was Crocodile, who lived in the rivr that bordered the forest. Crocodile was big, but he was not very clever.

    Kanchil was abel to trick him every time. One day it was vry hot. There was no wind at all to refresh the thirsty plants and tres of the forest. For many weeks no rain had fallen, so the littel creeks where the small animals usd to drink had dried up. Kanchil was walking alone in the forest. He had walked a long way, looking for a brook where he could quench his thirt.

    Finishing the Story Discuss with your friend the many possible problems complication following the beginning part above. Discuss with your friend the many possible ways of ending the story. Write down the results of your discussion below to make a story about Kanchil of your own. Do you know how to tell stories? Do you know how a story begins? Do you know the structure of a story?

    Setelah mempelajari Bab 15, siswa diharapkan mampu: Chapter 15Malin KundangSource: Do you know who or where they are?

    Malin Kundang and his mother had to live hard because his father had passed away when he was a baby. Malin Kundang was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy. He usually went to sea to catch fish. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother, or sell the caught fish in the town. One day, when Malin Kundang was sailing, he saw a merchants ship being raided by a band of pirates.

    With his bravery, Malin Kundang helped the merchant defeat the pirates. To thank him, the merchant allowed Malin Kundang to sail with him. Malin Kundang agreed in the hope to get a better life. He left his mother alone. Many years later, Malin Kundang became wealthy.

    He had a huge ship and a lot of crews who worked loading trading goods. He was also married to a beautiful woman. When he was sailing on his trading journey, his ship landed on a coast near a small village.

    The local people recognized that it was Malin Kundang, a boy from the area. The news ran fast in the town; Malin Kundang has become rich and now he is here. An old woman, who was Malin Kundangs mother, ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She wanted to hug him to release her sadness of being lonely after a long time. When his mother came near him, Malin Kundang who was with his beautiful wife and his ship crews denied that she was his mother.

    She had pleaded Malin Kundang to look at her and admit that she was her mother. But he kept refusing to do it and yelling at her. At last Malin Kundang said to her Enough, old woman! I have never had a mother like you, a dirty and ugly woman!

    After that he ordered his crews to set sail to leave the old woman who was then full of sadness and anger. Finally, feeling enraged, she cursed Malin Kundang that he would turn into a stone if he didnt apologize to her.

    Malin Kundang just laughed and set sail.

    Suddenly a thunderstorm came in the quiet sea, wrecking his huge ship. He was thrown out to a small island. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse; he had turned into a stone. Taken with adaptation from: Why did Malin Kundang and his mother have to live hard? Give an example that Malin Kundang was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy!

    How did the merchant allow Malin Kundang to join him in the sail? What happened many years after Malin Kundang join the sail? How did the local people react when they saw Malin Kundang landing on the coast?

    What did Malin Kundangs mother do when she heard that Malin Kundang landed on the coast? What made Malin Kundangs mother sad and angry?

    What did she do when Malin Kundang denied that she was his mother? How did the curse happen? What is the moral of the story? Is there any religious teaching regarding this? Kelas X66 Semester Is that Anna? She looks different when shes wearing ksitea and sanggul. Unfortunately, there were many injured victims in the accident.

    Discuss with a partner the answer to the following questions! When and where did the story happen? What event started the plot of the story? What happens next?

    What makes the problem in the story get more complicated? What is the climax of the story? Was there any resolution of the story? Was there any conclusion or message of the story? Write the result of your discussion in the table below. Use the information that you can find in the text Malin Kundang. Compare your work with other pairs. Share the result with the class.

    Kelas X Matematika BS

    Pay attention to the words in the bold type and italic. A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra lived a woman and her son, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang agreed and left his mother alone. The local people recognized that it was Malin Kundang. Malin Kundangs mother ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. Finally, she cursed Malin Kundang and he was thrown out to a small island and turned into a stone.

    Kurikulum 69Bahasa InggrisTask 1: The words in the bold type are called the adverb of time i. Write the adverb of time that you see in the excerpt on the list below. Note that some adverbs of time are in the phrase form. Now, try to find other adverbs of time for the simple past tense that you know.

    Write sentences with the adverbs of time you have from the previous section. Mia went to Surabaya with her mother last week. Make groups of 8 members. Read the text again. Prepare a simple performance. Each student in the group is cast to be one character in the story. Discuss together the sentences that you will say when performing the Malin Kundang Story. Have you ever heard any legend in your local area? What is it about? Try to write an outline of the story by answering the questions below!

    Do you comprehend the narrative text? For example, you can read from the books in the library or read legends from other countries from the Internet.

    Also, you can find some stories that are told in Youtube. Try to read and listen and enjoy them. Kurikulum 73Bahasa InggrisTujuan Pembelajaran: Setelah mempelajari Bab 16, siswa diharapkan mampu: Do you know the people in the picture? Compare the two airplanes? What are the similarities? What are the differences? Find their meanings in a monolingual dictionary.

    Words Meanings1. Read the following conversation. Below is a script of interview with The Wright brothers. Hello and welcome to our talkshow tonight, Great Inventors! Today we have very special guests, Orville and Wilbur Wright.

    We are going to ask them about their revolutionary inventions. What do you call your invention? We invented airplane. What is the tool for? Its a tool that will help human being to fly! Oohhh, is it like a flying car?

    How did you get the inspiration? Our dad gave us a toy helicopter that flew with the help of rubber bands. Weve been interested in the idea since then. Orville has always liked to build kites, so, we have experimented with making our own helicopters for a while now.

    But that was only a toy, what about the actual plane? Orville made the first flight with our first plane at Kitty Hawk on December 14, Why did you choose Kitty Hawk? Kitty Hawk had a hill, good breezes, and was sandy.

    The condition would help soften the landings in case of a crash. The first flight lasted 12 seconds and they flew for feet. We have worked and experimented with gliders to perfect the wing design and controls since then. I see. So youve had the newest version of your airplane? Recently, I took a newly designed airplane that we called the Flyer II for the first flight lasting over 5 minutes. How amazing! I think this invention will be a big thing soon. Kurikulum 77Bahasa InggrisWilbur: Our father has asked us not to fly together.

    He said its for the safety reason. Yes, we will continue making more experiment so that airplane will be available for everyone soon. The Innovators: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. Elon Musk: Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Devil in the Grove: The Prize: A Memoir Based on a True Story.

    Kamu punya kemampuan, kami yakin kamu pasti bisa melakukannya. Buku ini diawali dengan pengajuan masalah yang bersumber dari fakta dan lingkungan budaya siswa terkait dengan materi yang akan diajarkan. Tujuannya agar kamu mampu menemukan konsep dan prinsip matematika melalui pemecahan masalah yang diajukan dan mendalami sifat-sifat yang terkandung di dalamnya yang sangat berguna untuk memecahkan masalah kehidupan.

    Tentu, penemuan konsep dan prinsip matematika tersebut dilakukan oleh kamu dan teman-teman dalam kelompok belajar dengan bimbingan guru. Ingat …!!! Matematika Asahlah pemahaman kamu dengan memecahkan masalah dan tugas yang tersedia.