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Scan the teacher's handouts and annotate them in Word and OneNote. Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard to reference later, even if you're offline.

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That concentration of power in the region after a protracted period when the governing. Liberals had no MLAs and minimal interest in spending much money locally has the business world dreaming big. But the dreams are now clouded by a recent wave of antipathy to some NDP tax moves, most notably the employer health tax. But they are far apart on the tax measures the NDP plan to use.

The capital is enjoying an economic boom, but leaders are worried the new government is taking it for granted. Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark had radically different styles and it was noticeable throughout government. John Horgan represents another big change.

Now cabinet is stocked not just with locals, but multi-term MLAs who are lifelong residents. Holt said the business world tilts toward the Liberals, but that government did little investment in the region. It creates a contradiction in the minds of a lot of business people. He agrees the local connections are a big welcome new factor.

The sustained boom has put pressures on businesses, who have to retain workers when housing and child care costs are challenges. Budget promises create the theoretical potential for hundreds of new student residences at UVic, which would open hundreds of basement suites and the like for entry level employees who want to live close to their jobs.

But the health tax and minimum wage hikes are sore spots. There was similarly heavy local representation in cabinet at the time, and corresponding big local spending.

Dental Hygienists. Mental Health Workers. Medical Radiation Technologists. I love the idea of being in a caring discipline. They are our nurses, our radiography technicians, our child care workers, our medical lab assistants, mental health practitioners, and health care assistants. For more than 45 years, Camosun College has graduated thousands of health professionals for the good health of our community. The centre will feature modern and adaptable classrooms designed to foster active learning, hands-on labs, simulation environments, and collaboration spaces.

A fundamental principal of primary health care renewal in Canada is the call for greater collaboration among health care providers. More than ever, there is a need for skilled health and social service professionals. The health sector is one of the largest and fastest growing in British Columbia. An estimated 16, health care and social services positions will open on Vancouver Island in the next decade as baby boomers retire from the workforce. A further 4, new positions will open due to growth in health care on Vancouver Island.

This high standard of care contributes to the economic health of the region as well as individual health. Our students need access to new technologies in real-life settings while they prepare for work in a complex variety of health care settings. Camosun is creating a purpose-built educational space that allows for interactive simulations with new technologies and collaboration across related health disciplines. This will empower a new generation of health and social service providers to deliver patient-centred care to the people who matter to us.

Young said the NDP of that era did a good job on infrastructure, spending on sewers and roads. The current NDP government is more oriented toward social problems than the economy, he said. Those need to be addressed, but Young wants to see more infrastructure and signs that the housing money is spent properly.

PDF Candy - Sửa PDF miễn phí với trình chỉnh sửa PDF trực tuyến

Municipal delays add 15 per cent to the cost of a house and need to be cleared away by bonuses for faster decisions or penalty clauses in grant money for delays, he said. Langford and neighboring communities will be the epicentre of the affordable housing push and Young wants it done right. He brandished a sheaf of letters in a recent interview from Bear Mountain residents who are facing thousands of dollars in new property taxes.

About 30 per cent of the homes in that massive development have non-B. Premier John Horgan prepares to march with Indigenous leaders as part of the Moose Hide Campaign to stop violence toward women and children.

She has no problem with the speculation tax. Greater Victoria business generally likes where the NDP is going and loves watching local neighbours drive the bus. But not how they plan to fund the trip. Member of Parliament for Victoria My community office is here to help. Local money also technology company we brought goes to workshops, training this idea to the Songhees Nation opportunities and a regional and very quickly became partners. The name combines executive director Christina Clarke.

A fourth property on Leigh Road has The innovation centre — intended for entrepreneurial endeavours — is headquartered at the Songhees Wellness Centre, which has become a been downloadd for investment.

The economic activity happening is just part of what is put forward positive force around the region since it opened its doors in Included in that is with Indigenous web-services business Animikii.

Centre for Sport Excellence. The leaf fades from purple to green and hits the tongue with a hint of sweetness before launching into a peppery aftertaste. For the government bureaucrat turned tech worker turned millennialaged farmer, this crop has been surprisingly lucrative. That high yield can be both a blessing and a curse. Ty James of West Coast Microgreens: Just think of the beet and parsnip chips that have pushed aside bags of greasy potato chips in the snack food aisle.

Companies such as Epicure are selling dried spices, powdered broths, gravies and smoothies made with all-natural ingredients, marketed as a healthy alternative to products laden with sugar or salt. Chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants and increasingly commercial food producers are using 3D food printers to make edible masterpieces out of liquidized food. The processed produce would not have any preservatives or synthetic chemicals, James vowed.

Currently, the only produce-processing facility on Vancouver Island is Islands West, which specializes in light processing: Islands West downloads the produce in bulk and sells it under their brand or the grocery store brand. So far, farmers have taken positively to the idea. We see local governments like the CRD putting in place a regional here is an audible and growing buzz in the region around food and agriculture strategy, considering supporting farmers through growing a culture and economy nourished by good food.

Everything is being re-examined about our current global The District of North Saanich recently acquired almost acres and food system. Malnourishment is taking on new The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust supports growers on Burgoyne meaning as more than 30 per cent of the planet is now overweight or Farm, a acre parcel, and is building The Root. It will provide storage obese. There is also more than a third of all food a resurgence and revitalization of efforts and skills building around produced goes to waste.

Indigenous foods. There are more than 50, people in our region who are food These are big and complex challenges and it is insecure.

The Good Food Shift is an initiative to create support and easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. I see needed. FoodShare Network has developed a Food Shake up a cocktail of adversity, malcontent Rescue and Redistribution Centre that is and creativity; add a dash of hope and diverting more than a million pounds of a sprinkle of positivity and your result is Ty James, left, with business partner Rajan Pillay cosmetically imperfect food that would innovation. I see and experience everyday The third goal of the alliance is around food literacy.

Aaren Topley, people from across the region not only thinking about what is needed, the local co-ordinator of Farm to School B. Having the knowledge about our food system helps us sustainable food system in the region. Food literacy also involves investment and align efforts behind.

There is lots on the go. To sign the Good Food Resolution and They are working to learn what this means for the amount of land connect with the Good Food Network, visit www.

Doi pdf sang word tot nhat

They plan to turn the acre space into community farm plots, a farmers market and other co-operative agricultural initiatives. As debris tumbles to the dusty ground below, a diverse group of consultants looks down on a map. It depicts what the land looked like in , but for the group, it holds a vision of the future. The Sandown Transition Team is tasked with turning this seemingly harsh landscape into lush arable farmland. The acre parcel will be used for commercial food production, community gardens and incubator farms run by farmers trying to get a foothold in the agri-food business.

The success of Haliburton as an education centre, farm co-op and community hub is a major inspiration for the future of Sandown. Located on the north side of Glamorgan Road, Sandown operated as a horse and harness racetrack for 50 years under the ownership of the Randall family. The family donated 83 acres to the District of North Saanich for long-term. In return, they asked to retain a acre strip along McDonald Park Road, where there are plans for a Canadian Tire store and other commercial properties.

The developer, Platform Properties, is responsible for soil drainage and to remediate the land to its original agricultural state. While the vision will unfold over a decade, the transition team hopes to see progress on developing the farm community within a year. Trust, Inclusiveness and Responsibility: It ignores the reality of the strategists leading larger organizations as they grow and expand their reach, not only throughout the Capital region, but beyond our borders to the Lower Mainland, across the country and worldwide.

Business is a vital piece of the fabric of our community, and is the driver of economic prosperity, satisfying our needs and creating employment in the process.

download a pair of TOMS shoes and another pair is donated to someone in need. While dining out in Victoria, you may have noticed a similar business started by Gustavson grad Andrew Hall, called 'Mealshare'. Eight restaurants in the Capital Region have Mealshare items on their menus.

download a meal from any of their locations and another meal is donated to someone in need. There are ways that businesses infuse sustainability and social responsibility into their practices. We see organizations embracing large-scale change to their operations that not only improves their environmental stewardship, but betters their bottom line at the same time. Small changes can make a big difference.

A monthlong campaign at Gustavson reduced paper towel consumption by 75 per cent simply by raising awareness among employees and students about usage levels. Over time, such behavioural changes have a large impact on our carbon footprint as we reduce the resources we consume.

At Gustavson, we believe we need to set the best example possible for our students — and future business leaders — and actively promote the notion of responsible leadership. That means considering the impact of our decisions, not only on ourselves and on our organizations, but also on our community, the environment and society at large. Our students trust us with their futures. No matter how many efforts we make to reduce our local carbon footprint, our operations demand global travel, and the carbon footprint adds up.

As responsible business leaders, we needed to address this. Our students, faculty and staff agreed to support Gold Standard carbon offset projects to achieve carbon neutrality at the business school. The Gustavson community selected both regional projects, such as the Quadra Island Forest Conversation initiative, and international projects, such as a wastewater treatment project in Thailand.

Modern-day business leadership is about more than sustainability. Gustavson is a community of students, faculty and staff that includes more than 50 different languages and cultures.

Together, we aspire to change the world for the better. We see the payoff from encouraging inclusion and the costs if we fail to do so. At the inaugural Victoria Forum, held on campus in late , we brought together Indigenous leaders, academics, politicians, activists, civil society and youth to discuss diversity and inclusion, and to develop solutions to the big problems facing our society. The work from the threeday gathering was presented to government leaders in Ottawa this spring; we plan to engage in additional conversations and gatherings to further develop ideas for a better world.

Efforts to make a difference have also underscored the importance of trust. Managers trust that our research is sound and reliable. Everyone who engages with the Gustavson community trusts us to deliver on our promises. The same is true of every business — large or small. It will take time for the brand to regain consumer trust. Trust is the crucial foundation of every business, and arguably the most important ingredient for business success. Customers, suppliers, partners and all other stakeholders are demanding more from business; responsible leaders understand that creating and maintaining trusted relationships is key to their success.

Training the next generation of business leaders is an awe-inspiring responsibility — one that we take on with enthusiasm. Ensuring that future leaders are accountable for the consequences of their actions and that they appreciate the broader role they have to play in society is key to our mission, and how we aspire to make the world a better place.

The pots, made of a non-woven polypropylene fabric, can be sold on their own or delivered with pre-potted soil and seeds. The farm-to-table movement and the demand for locallygrown food shows no signs of slowing down, James said, which has more people looking for ways to grow their own produce steps from their kitchen.

Nathan Waters, former chef at the Victoria Golf Club, harvests salad greens grown steps from his kitchen. Within a month-and-a-half of the Jackpots being set up on a self-watering system in March, the Victoria Golf Club had produced pounds of salad greens. James is co-operating with Emergency Management B. He is planning to travel to those communities beginning in May to help them set up a food production system and hopes that in addition to providing fresh and healthy food, it can also provide a source of revenue for communities that grow enough to sell.

Haliburton Farm is an incubator for individuals wishing to practise small-scale sustainable organic farming. From left: He owns harvesting machines and haying equipment and grows wheat and barley on the Saanich Peninsula, providing grains for locally made beer and bread. The cost of farmland is a major barrier for young people wanting to take up farming.

Droughts in California and the threat of global warming have upped the pressure on Vancouver Island to lessen its reliance on food imports. To combat high land prices and to achieve sustainability, many farmers are seeking co-operative farm plots on publicly-owned land such as Haliburton Farm in Saanich or, in the future, the former Sandown racetrack.

The acre parcel has been downloadd by the District of North Saanich with the goal of building a sustainable farming community focused on food production. However, many farmers are warning that arable land will be destroyed if cannabis producers with deep pockets are allowed to build concrete-base greenhouses. Cannabis and greenhouses are among the major issues that B. Agriculture Minister Lana Popham will consider this summer after an independent commission completes its review on how to revitalize the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Looking ahead is always part of the process, Nursey said. Succeeding in business and in tourism often comes down to one thing, Poyntz said.

Airbnb has stepped into the market with about 1, to 1, rooms, he said, and has a role to play in accommodating the burgeoning tourism sector. Filling tourism-related jobs is another big issue.

Index of /t/4

One element that has shown steady improvement is the length of the tourist season, he said. Greater Victoria has been long known as a desirable destination in the spring and summer months. Our bright, sunny weather is a draw for many. What local residents perhaps are less aware of is the tourism economy in Greater Victoria is coming off a very successful shoulder and off-season as well.

Greater Victoria is diversifying its tourism product and the sector is thriving. This in turn helps other sectors in the economy such as construction and trades. The Victoria Conference Centre is a great example of capitalizing on new opportunities.

In , Tourism Victoria and the City of Victoria entered into an agreement where Tourism Victoria would take over the sales and marketing function of the Victoria Conference Centre.

The collaboration between the two organizations resulted in a 60 per cent increase vs. More than delegates from across the country came together and discussed the future of tourism in a new age of environmental and social responsibility. Many of these conferences — like Impact — are taking place in our shoulder and off-seasons, bringing attendees from all over to Greater Victoria.

Although we have made strides in in our shoulder and off-season, we have much to look forward to in our upcoming spring and summer months. We are anticipating another busy year. Word is out about Greater Victoria as a tourism destination — and not just regionally or nationally, but internationally as well. Greater Victoria was once a regional tourism brand, but is now a truly global tourism brand.

These changes will be unveiled in the next few months. The future of tourism in Greater Victoria is exciting and ever changing.

Tourism Victoria will continue its hard work to attract visitors to our region, and doing its part to support the local economy and community in the process. Tourists crowd the Inner Harbour Causeway, a favourite spot at the foot of the Empress Hotel and a gateway to downtown.

As well, the Wilson Group of Companies and Cruise Victoria Services Tours have formed a new company to help get the ,plus passengers where they want to go. A low Canadian dollar not only brings more Americans to the country, it also keeps Canadians at home, Marshall said. Frank Bourree of Chemistry Consulting, which counts tourism among its areas of expertise, said the city needs more hotels after losing 10 over the past decade. The loss of those hotels has trimmed the inventory of hotel rooms by 1,, so more capacity is required to meet demand.

Ferries is one operation that can feel the pinch from more expensive fuel. Spokeswoman Deborah Marshall said the corporation is keeping a close eye on gas prices, for both itself and its customers. Buses pick up passengers from the front of the Crystal Garden building. The depot opened July 1, with an 1,square-foot space that includes a waiting area and ticket services. Gaunt said the cruise-ship season starts in April, really gets going in May and continues until October.

A record ship arrivals will bring just over , passengers into the region. Another highlight will be the arrival of the cruise ship Norwegian Bliss, Gaunt said, which will be in its inaugural season out of Seattle. Figures from the show that about 28 per cent of cruise passengers arriving in Victoria left the terminal on foot. The remaining 72 per cent ran the gamut of tour buses, shuttle buses, bicycles, limousines, taxis and pedicabs.

That number is expected to exceed two million this year and could reach three million by A number of factors are fuelling the growth, Dickson said. The 18,square-foot addition will stretch from the north end of the existing lounge to create a space totaling 30, square feet.

The project will serve passengers who now leave the lower lounge and cross the tarmac to board their planes. The addition will feature six gates, each with its own departure door designated for one aircraft.

The project includes doubling the size of the existing layout, providing dedicated aircraft gates and covered walkways, new washrooms and additional food and beverage and retail. The new doors will be built on the east and west sides of the addition. In , Nanaimo Airport numbers topped , — a per cent increase in six years. WestJet and Air Canada currently serve Nanaimo. Clipper introduces its largest, fastest and technologically advanced vessel for Victoria-Seattle route. The catamaran has a galley that can serve hot food, a gift shop, duty-free service and three classes of seating, including comfort class with a private cabin area where snacks are offered.

It is 12 metres longer and 2. It also has a motion-dampening system that will allow it to operate in weather that would otherwise have forced cancellation of sailings. Clipper V was originally brought in by the Seattlebased company for the launch. To date, progress seems painfully slow. By the end of , about 5. Construction is completed or underway on a number of stretches, and planning on other phases is in the works.

The bus-only lanes have long been billed as a top priority for the Greater Victoria Transit Commission and local municipalities.

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The numbers support the idea. An estimated 1, vehicles per hour use the Douglas Street corridor during peak travel times. Only three per cent of those vehicles are buses, but those buses are carrying 40 per cent of the people moving along the corridor. Securing the corridor is a major building block for future improvements. Between and , the population of Sooke and the West Shore climbed from 62, to 83,, with a lot of those people using the same stretch of highway to travel to and from work or school.

Transit manager of planning James Wadsworth. That means the need for more investments in roads, cycling infrastructure and in transit. The data corroborated this worry because in the downtown retail vacancy rate was Fast forward to Parking garages are often at capacity during peak hours 11 a. Part of this is because the city made improvements to the parkades and the First Hour Free program; the almost immediate increased parking revenues after these changes showed us that more people were coming downtown.

There are more shops and services to choose from. Between and , owners of privately owned parking lots sold to developers, resulting in a loss of parking spots.

In place of cars, we now have people living downtown in new rental and condo buildings, with thousands more to come. Because of all this building downtown, there are between to on-street parking spaces occupied by construction-related activities at any given time. This temporarily removes more spots from a shrinking pool.

And, of course, there are the bike lanes — 44 parking spots removed along the Pandora corridor between Wharf and Cook and 11 on Fort Street. Our collective success in creating near full occupancy in downtown retail and adding new residents to a vibrant downtown neighbourhood has created a new challenge.

To get through it we need new parking spots.

Local parking experts estimate that we need about new spots to regain parking equilibrium. The Yates on Yates will add The proposed Townline building at Herald St. Another 50 or so are being proposed at the Parc development at Fort and Quadra. And recently council approved a temporary use permit for 38 new surface spots. Fixing parking is the easy part. We will still have a big transportation problem.

On-road transportation is the largest source of greenhousegas emissions in the region, with estimates as high as 55 per cent. And car ownership is expensive, pegged at. Putting that money toward housing, food or childcare instead would increase overall affordability.

The big challenge, for our region and other North American metro regions that have grown up around the car, is to create transportation options that are quicker, cheaper, more convenient and more enjoyable than the car.

This means implementing bus rapid transit across the region. It means rapid transit becomes part of an integrated mobility ecosystem including bus, bike, walking, carshare, bikeshare and car.

It means smart transportation options such as a single pay system for all modes of transportation. It means building a transportation system that elegantly moves us around the region, a system that inspires us all.

Lisa Helps is the mayor of Victoria. You can guide the future of yourr community communnity aand nd causes that you care about by making a legacy gift to the charity of your your choice. Charitable Charritablee donations donations upport a wide range range of causes. Can anad ada. Vital Charities Vital Vit Chhar a itie i s allows allo al lows wss you you o to sear search arch ch hundreds hundr d eds of local organizations that have received a grant from the Victoria Foundation or that hold an endowment fund with them.

Explore your community and connect with programs and projects like never before. Giving Opportunities of Safety, Hope and Empowerment Violence against women impacts more than half of all women in British Columbia, and Bridges for Women Society is in your city to change that. And suddenly, that arm was free.

Bridges for Women is a gutsy, innovative charity inspiring thousands of women survivors of abuse to reclaim their life and gain economic security since With government support and creative fundraising, this agency has grown into three locations in Downtown Victoria, Westshore and Sooke, as well as remotely serving local First Nations reserves and remote areas of BC.

From 18 years of age to 78, all women, no matter their socio-economic background, are getting the help they deserve to move beyond trauma. Trauma healing, employment training, mentorship, Camosun College upgrading and self-employment workshops are but some of the many programs changing the lives of women who are living with the effects of violence, abuse and trauma.

We need you to help. Take action against this culture of violence against women and donate monthly, yearly or plan a gift to break the cycle of violence, through healing and employment, one woman at a time. They assumed Nicola had caught a bug that was going around. Instead, she was diagnosed with leukemia and needed an immediate treatment in Vancouver.

More than just a place to stay, the House keeps families together in a community of support. Her brother and sister returned home to Sooke to keep up with school but they were able to visit and stay over the holidays.

Other families at RMH BC became an important source of support for the Veltri family, sharing advice and helping each other cope while waiting for the next appointment. Now, Nicola has returned home to Sooke and only comes to Vancouver for checkups. Donate today at. Every contribution helps and makes all of the simple everyday moments of family life possible, from building Lego castles to sharing a mug of hot chocolate to reading a bedtime story.

By giving today, you keep Vancouver Island families with seriously ill children close when it matters most. Victoria resident Lyndsay Green received an extraordinary treatment and care at Royal Jubilee Hospital. Grateful patient gives back Victoria resident Lyndsay Green knows that accidents can happen when you least expect them. After a day on the ocean, Lyndsay and her husband Hank were heading in when she jumped to the dock to tie their boat up as she always does.

But this time, she misjudged. I called out to my husband with the breath I could muster. Fortunately, there was a pipe that I grabbed onto while I waited for him to haul me out of the water. She was bleeding internally — so much so that she needed to receive three bags of blood. At the hospital, a team of world-class caregivers and skilled technicians conducted a series of CT scans and located the source of her internal bleeding: To perform the complex and life-saving procedure, the team used an interventional angiography system, a piece of sophisticated equipment that allows doctors to see inside blood vessels and organs.

After she was discharged, Lyndsay learned that our hospitals were in urgent need of two new interventional angiography systems. In recognition of the exceptional care she received, Lyndsay and her husband made a donation to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. And each year, our community can ensure this equipment is available by making a gift to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. Visit www. The 15th Annual Broadmead Care Charity Golf Tournament has been raising much needed funds for the veterans and seniors at The Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead, the primary priority access bed facility for veterans on Vancouver Island.

The Fun in Funds Giving comes in many forms, one of those being just plain old fun. Our motto is to ensure every moment matters for the residents we serve, and we do this by providing the best in equipment, programs and resources. These costs are not covered by capital funding, so we raise money through standard mailing appeals and donation requests in the community.

This event is a fun way to engage our community while at the same time work towards raising the money needed to provide the best in comfort and care for our WWII, Korean War, as well as current day and allied veterans. Just under one million dollars has been raised since with support from community leaders and golfers either by coming out to play the tournament or donating and sponsoring. And emceed by one of the funniest guys in town, Mr. Jack Knox. The Lodge is over 20 years old and the existing furnishings have reached the end of their useful lives.

If you are interested in having some fun while raising money for a good cause check out our website at www. Every swing of the club over the years has meant updated medical equipment, new overhead lift systems, hydraulic bathing facilities, and more recently renovating resident rooms.

Ensuring our residents receive the best in comfort and care and making every moment matter in their lives. This annual fundraising initiative is just one of the ways you can support our Canadian and allied veterans.

Learn more on how you can participate as a golfer, sponsor and a donor at www. The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre provides counselling, justice system support, and clinic services at no cost to survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. Your support makes these transformational services possible.

It is a place where survivors are supported to overcome the impacts of trauma and reconnect with their strength.

VSAC is a feminist organization committed to ending sexualized violence through healing, education, and prevention. We are dedicated to supporting women and all Trans survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, through crisis support, counselling, and empowerment.

Each year we provide approximately 2, survivors with the support they need to begin rebuilding their lives with the strength and resiliency that was always inherent in them. We also provide Crisis Counseling and Victim Services for those survivors choosing — VSAC client to access the criminal justice system in addition to group and individual counseling.

In addition to providing direct services, we work toward a world without violence through our award-winning prevention education program, Project Respect. Project Respect supports youth to develop knowledge and skills to practice respectful relationships rooted in consent and to engage in social action to end sexualized violence. The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre relies on the generosity of our donors to provide life-transforming programs at no cost to survivors of sexualized violence.

To learn more about how you can help, visit www. I am empowered to be in the driver seat with my wheels coming off the ground in excitement. My journey on the road is way more fun now. Thanks everyone! The work United Way does would not be possible without the support of donors. The annual Spirit Awards recognize workplace donors and volunteers who raise funds for United Way and help keep administrative costs low.

United Way works to create long-term lasting change, getting at the root causes of complex social issues.

He was about to retire as Treasurer of the Foundation and wanted me to understand the changes he and our auditors had made to our accounting system. At that time, I found him to be engaged, affable and deeply connected to the work of the Foundation. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Royce reappeared to help organize our golf tournament. They were a kind, generous couple. Around the time of their 60th wedding anniversary, I commented that they were one of the most compatible couples I had ever met.

While I will miss them terribly, it will be a labour of love to put their bequest to work helping members of our community in need of the services of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. Your Legacy You can help provide outstanding care. Just think of all the good your planned gift will do. The boats are sought after by individuals in the recreational market, commercial operators and government agencies. Their heavy-duty models, designed to withstand rough seas, are used by military, search and rescue, coast guard and law-enforcement agencies from around the world.

Other boats are found serving the coast guard auxiliary on east and west coasts, a marine patrol vessel with the Sunshine Coast RCMP as well as a number of government agencies in the U. They are beginning to make inroads in Europe as well. A pair of boats serve with the police force in Slovenia. CEO Dave Curtis says Viking is exploring several development paths which will become examples of manufacturing technologies for the future, contributing to the development of a globally competitive western Canadian aerospace supply chain.

Following the delivery of more than aircraft internationally, Viking has demonstrated that one can be competitive on a global scale from right here at home. Our business was focused on legendary Canadian aircraft product lines that were developed more than 50 years ago, but we knew we had to broaden our organizational view toward the future if we were to achieve world-class status.

Being competitive globally starts with developing a highly skilled workforce, and. This will include elements of Factory 4. As we look forward to the future and new opportunities, we have set our sights on modernizing the CL These initiatives have helped us transition a small company in Victoria into a multi-provincial enterprise that is now considered by customers, stakeholders, employees, and industry peers alike to be truly world-class.

Come fish with us in Victoria or Port Renfrew! Even basic welding courses taught at schools do little to prepare young adults, said Stanners, because they are mainly taught how to fabricate using steel, with little aluminum experience.

Progressive immigration policies need to be part of the solution, said John Juricic, a founding member of the Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group, an advocate for the manufacturing sector in the region. Finding workers may be easier than convincing them to relocate to the region. The cost of housing is one part of the problem. Where the available housing is located presents another set of issues. By comparison, growth in the economy as a whole in the same time period was 0.

Stats, Founding members include: But he displays the same innovation as his peers as he tries to get his Electrom into the mainstream.

The Electrom is what he calls a Light Electric Vehicle — essentially an electrically-assisted recumbent bicycle. The project is the culmination of an idea that has taken 20 years to come to fruition. He plans to manufacture his vehicle locally, using a custom body and frame, but using many off-the-shelf parts already available in the mature e-bike industry. John Juricic, business consultant and head of Harbour Digital Media, sees Cross and the Electrom as the future of manufacturing. He said that there is no way we can ever hope to manufacture a product as cheaply as China — but that we should not want to.

Cross has been cycling on his prototype for the last two years, putting more than 4, kilometres on the road. The funds he raises go toward creating moulds for. He prices his vehicle to the U. For more information, go to electrom. Fabrizio Cross takes his Electrom for a spin. His idea is to get people out of their cars, and give them a little cargo space. It looks very good At this point, we estimate there to be more than 15, employees working directly for local tech companies and 23, total tech employees in the region.

According to recent studies, for every new high-tech job, four other jobs are created. The variety in sectors among our members is surprisingly broad.

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Our members are in the business of semiconductor crystals Redlen Technologies , boat security and monitoring BRNKL , global energy management and automation Schneider Electric and even the analysis of biological tissues TrichAnalytics. The workforce is large and varied. Who is working in tech in the region and what attracts them to Victoria?

The workforce for a tech company is, in many ways, similar to any other company in that you not only need the technical skills, but also the administrative, business, leadership, marketing and sales skills. The average tech worker is earning more than the average worker in other industries, too.

There are many ingredients as to why tech workers are drawn to Greater Victoria. Some of these include two universities and a college students make up. TECH more than 10 per cent of our population , 10 federal research labs, and a great lifestyle mild weather, unlimited activities, festivals, restaurants.

Victoria has both quality of life and quality of opportunity, which makes this city magnetic, and it means people who can live anywhere are choosing to live in Victoria. You stage multiple events over the course of a year. Are these recruitment tools for a new generation of tech superstars? One of the primary reasons is making sure the workforce of tomorrow knows about the opportunities in technology for them, they understand what it takes to take advantage of those opportunities and that they join us.

How healthy is the investment climate for technology in the region? Many of them then reinvest and mentor the next generation of tech companies, so in that sense we have a great advantage. Sometimes that builds a stronger company, but sometimes it can cause them to be to slow to get to the market before a competitor. Our success comes from our emphasis on friendly, courteous service, with a goal of building long-lasting relationships with each one of our valued customers.

Our highly trained staff is as helpful in customer service as they are in auto repair. New innovation commissioner Alan Winter has a big job: Find ways for B. Among other things, the Greens and NDP agreed to establish an innovation commission and appoint an innovation commissioner to champion B.

The former head of Genome B. Innovation Council and rename it Innovate BC.

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