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    Hackers TOEIC Start Listening (kèm CD) Places To Visit, Places Worth Visiting. Visit Câu Đàm Thoại Tiếng Anh Full (Pdf File+ Audio) Audio. hackers toeic start listening. Hackers Toeic Start Listening. Page 1. Page 2. hackers toeic start listening hackers toeic start listening pdf. Page 2. Hackers Start Reading - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book Hackers TOEIC Start Reading is an introductory book which pro- argue about. They are still arguing about the details of the contract. I. listen to.

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    Hackers Toeic Start Listening Pdf

    Hackers TOEIC Start Listening aims at helping TOEIC beginners establish a “ foundation of English through TOEIC”. It is generally known that a magnificent. 해커스 í† ì•µ 스타트 리스닕(Hackers TOEIC Start Listening)(ì‹ í† ì•µ Edition ) [Rawdon_Wyatt]blusunihungan.ga Hackers TOEIC Start Reading aims at helping TOEIC beginners establish a " foundation of Tactics for Toeic Listening and Reading Tests (Full Ebook+Audio ).

    It is generally known that a magnificent house rests on a strong foundation, and a good command of English also needs a solid foundation. In order to improve and achieve a high TOEIC score, learners should build up their English proficiency from the very beginning. Success in the TOEIC test as well as in communication can only be achieved by a good linguistic ability, constant efforts, correct methods of learning, and practical English materials. Typical types of questions are carefully analyzed, and listening strategies for choosing the correct answers are clearly presented. Additionally, the book is specially designed in a way that learners can apply a specific study plan which may suit their individual level of English. Importantly, a variety of English accents is selectively introduced so that learners have ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the accents found in the actual TOEIC Listening test. Last but not least, illustrative pictures in the sections of common vocabulary, expressions, and model conversations will certainly bring a lot of interest to those using this book. Learners can either start studying all the sections in order or refer to a particular part they want to focus on. Strongly believe that you will soon achieve your expected goal not only in your coming TOEIC test but also in daily communication.

    Subject Verb Incorrect instances in the verb position ; T: To-infinitives, gerunds V-ing , nouns, and adjectives cannot come in the verb position. To-infinitive X Verb 0 Gerund: Gerund X Verb 0 Noun: Noun X Verb 0 Adjective: The two the project. Day 1 Week Lee downloadd, downloading new office furniture. A will suggest C suggesting A to review C reviewed B suggestion D to suggest B reviewing D reviewer Questions 7 and 8 refer to the following memorandum.

    Carole Elliot To: We will have a booth to display our products under the theme "Food". This short talk is given by a na- tive teacher, and you will have a chance to see how prepositional phrases are skillfully included: In all likelihood, you use these short phrases every day. Without a doubt, native speakers use these phrases by heart. In other words, they don't really think about which prepositional phrases they use.

    These prepos- itional phrases are used in combination with other common phrases. This type of building language up out of phrases is often referred to as 'chunking'. As you continue to speak a language, more and more phrases are on the tip of your tongue. Of course, there are a number of lists that are provided with the intention of making learning these phrases easier. However, in theory, you should be able to learn these prepositional phrases by means of using English on a daily basis.

    I do hope that after doing this exercise, you will be able to use English prepositional phrases correctly and effectively. IDlD 01 Candidates must submit their application in, on, by writing. Adams will be in behalf, case, charge of data analysis. The Shine Beach Hotel is the place to stay if you plan to vacation in the sunny Baha- mas!

    Continental breakfast will be included in the room charge. If you wish to know more about the hotel , please contact us. These are the questions that require. Questions about the main idea or purpose of a reading passage usually contain WH-words such as What, Why together with topic, discuss, about, purpose, written, etc. What is the main topic of this notice?

    What does this article discuss? What is this letter about? What is the purpose of the advertisement? Why was this memorandum written? Step 1: Read the question to identify whether it is an overview question Questions which include topic, discuss, purpose, etc.

    Step 2: The topic sentence usually appears at the beginning of a reading passage and contains infor- mation to be developed later. Step 3: Find out the correct answer The correct answer is often the paraphrased topic sentence. The question below refers to the following memo.

    Dear Mr. Hirosi , We might probably reschedule the meeting this Thursday about com- pany alliance. I was unexpectedly requested to attend ar: Would you mind if our meeting would be held on Monday, because I would like to spare time for the reports before the meeting? I really apologize for the delay. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Read the question to identify whether it is an overview question A To assign tasks related to the meeting B To change the meeting time Step 3: Find out the correct answer, which paraphrases the topic sentence Analyzing: Read the question.

    The memo starts with We might probably reschedule the meeting this Thursday about company alliance; later, it explains the reason in more detail. The topic sentence is We might probably reschedule the meeting this Thurs- day about company alliance. So, choice B To change the meeting time is the correct answer. Reschedule the meeting is paraphrased as change the meeting time. B took action 02 The hotel 's safety devices are inspected once a year. A Additional B Annual 03 People entering the contest can win a new car.

    B prize 04 The purpose of this message is to notify you that we received the delivery. B attempt 03 contest [kOntest] win [win] prize [praiz] 04 purpose [pa: A The taxi is not big enough for more than four people. B The maximum capacity for the taxi is four people.

    A Once the roadwork has been completed, access will be given to some vehicles. B Some areas will be temporarily closed to vehicles until the repairs have been completed. A You must present this whole page of information to request a loan application. B To apply for a loan, please submit a paper with your personal information. A The seminar is focused on public speaking. B The seminar is intended to improve the communication abilities of students. As you requested, your donation will be used to create an after-school sports program for teenagers.

    Together with citizens like you, we have been providing the neigh- borhood with excellent recreational programs for the past 25 years. Your sponsorship enables us to offer many services and helps ensure a bright future for our city. A To request donations for community programs B To express gratitude to a donor for financial support C To encourage sponsors to continue donating Question 10 refers to the following advertisement.

    The Conrad Regency Hotel is seeking a full-time chef to start November 1. We would like him or her to join the kitchen team at our new location in Hong Kong.

    Applicants must have graduated from a licensed culinary institute and have a strong background in Chi- nese cuisine. A minimum of five years of experience in the field is preferred. Applicants will also need to prepare several sample dishes for the final interview.

    Salary and benefits are negotiable. A To advertise the opening of a new branch B To recruit cooks from China C To announce a job opening 09 generous [d3enaras] donation [douneifan neighborhood [neibarhU. All staff From: Brian Bean. Manager of the Human Resources Department Subject: Regulations for leave of absence I am pleased that we have fifty new employees this month. In light of this, it seems like a good time to review the leave policy. Annual leave can be used for vacation or personal reasons.

    Employees should request leave from their supervisor in advance. Employees with fewer than three years of service receive seven days of annual leave. Staff with three to fifteen years receive ten days.

    Employees who have served fifteen or more years get thirteen days of annual leave. If you need further information regarding this policy, please call me at extension What is a complement?

    I like teachers. Object She has become a teacher. The part of the sentence that completes the verb is called an object. In the sentence She has become a teacher, the phrase a teacher gives information about the subject she. The part of the sentence that clarifies the subject or object is called a complement.

    Where is an object? An object follows its verb. Object and Modifier What is a modifier?

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    We met our teacher on Sunday. Modifier In the sentence We met our teacher on Sunday, on Sunday modifies the whole sentence We met our teacher. Without on Sunday, the sentence We met our teacher is still meaningful. The part of the sentence that is not very important and modifies the whole sentence is called a modifier.

    A B C The object the result comes after the verb announced. A 2 subject complement modifying the subject comes after the main verb, whereas an object comple- ment modifying the object follows the object.

    His father a pilot. Modifiers can stand at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a sentence. A sentence may have more than one modifier. Modifier Modifier Which of the following is the modifier? I usually do morning exercises because it is important to be healthy. In the English language, not all parts of speech can come in the object position. Object Pronoun: Object Gerund: Object To-infinitive: Verb X Noun 0 Mr. Kato considered launching, launch a campaign to promote a new PDA.

    An adjec- tive can also be a complement. Object complement Gerund: Subject complement To-infinitive: Subject complement Noun clause: Subject complement Adjective: Object complement J Incorrect instances in the complement position A verb and an adverb cannot function as a complement. Elson a qualified apply, appli cant. A cooperative B cooperate C cooperated D cooperatively Answers: IJ] 02 enterprise [entarpraiz] 03 individual [indavid3uall 04 consider [kansidar] 05 obtain [abtein] opinion [apinjan] invest [invest] 07 position [pazifan] 10 government [g.

    In a secret manner, she 1 tiptoed toward her father 2. In a secret manner can not only be put at the beginning of the sentence but also in positions 1 and 2. In English, a modifier can be placed in any position within the sentence it modifies. Positions of modifiers Modifiers can stand at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a sentence.

    At the beginning: Modifier In the middle: Modifier At the end: I H-Ole' Identify verb: People should wear helmets while riding bicycles.

    Identify subject: The rest is modifier: People should wear helmets [while riding bicycles]. Downes who was involved in stealing funds. She insists on com- pleting her assignments before the assigned due dates.

    She cares about her edu- cation and has confessed to wanting good grades. Mary also believes in working hard because she relies on grade-based scholarships for financial aid. She often argues about quiet time with her roommate because her roommate listens to music loudly while Mary is studying. But, Mary secretly gloats over her own success when her roommate worries about up- coming tests.

    He likes work that requires him to attend to a lot of detail. I She used to say she didn' t believe in ' marriage. If companies are following. Lee objected over, at, to the proposal. I know a great amount of care goes into choosing a banker, C at B about D on and your decision reaffirms my belief in our ways of banking.

    We believe our depositors enjoy the personal contact they receive at each one of our Be assured that the personal banking concept enjoys our greatest commitment. We employ the latest technology in computers. However, we will never abandon our per- sonal commitment to you, the customer, our greatest asset.

    Here are some typical information questions. What is scheduled for April? Where was the conference first held? Who will be the new marketing director? When will the training course take place?

    Why is Ms. Jones offered a discount? Which building was recently renovated? How can tickets for the show be obtained? Find out key word s in the question Read the question and identify the key word s including the question word. For instance, in the question What is scheduled for April? Locate key word s and hints for the answer in a reading passage Look for the information in a reading passage that has been paraphrased or that exactly states the key word s of the question.

    Hints for the correct answer can be found around that part. Identify the correct answer that paraphrases or exactly states the hint Choose the correct answer that paraphrases or exactly states the hint in the reading passage.

    All employees As the company has severely been damaged by the spread of com- puter viruses and hackers' attacking the server, the company has de- cided to upgrade the protection system.

    All employees are requested to install an anti -virus program which is readily available on the company's website. Additionally, you are encouraged to change your computer Monday.

    With an attempt to protect the data on your.

    Locate key PC, we are looking forward to your cooperation. Find out key word s in the A Once a week word question B Twice a month step 3: Choose the correct answer that paraphrases or exactly states the hint in the read- ing passage Analyzing: Read the question and identify the key word password together with the question word How often.

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    In the passage, the key word password is located in line 6. Looking around the key word, we can see the sentence you are encouraged to change your computer password every Monday; thus, every Monday is the hint that helps you choose the correct answer. The answer choice A Once a week is the paraphrase of every Monday; then, A is the correct answer. A settle B organize 02 The delivery charges to the customer should be kept to a minimum.

    A inexpensive B convenient 03 The Fusion Cafe's disti nct dishes have made the restaurant famous in town. A location 01 set up settle [setl] organize [5: A The registration fee must be paid before the start of the conference. B Payment must be made at the time of registration. A The seats of the concert will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

    B Advance reservations are required to arrange a seat for the concert. A Prior experience in a relevant field is necessary. B Applicants who have a related educational background are preferred. A Customers find KitchenArt products convenient to hold. B It is easy to keep our customers because they like our appliances. Question 9 refers to the following announcement. D Due to the growing number of participants in the Independent Businesswomen's Confer- ence, the venue has been changed.

    In order to accommodate the large group of attend- ees, we have moved the meeting from the Moonlight Hotel to the banquet room at the Sunshine Coast Hotel. The price for this event remains the same, and includes a meal and entertainment following our guest speaker's talk. Please note that the event will still start at 9: Customers will be given a refund if the product is returned with the price tag still attached and the original sales receipt within fourteen days of download.

    The refund will be made in cash regardless of the initial method of payment. Customers may be asked to provide an explanation as to why they were dissatisfied with their download. We may also request that customers fill out a short survey.

    Hackers TOEIC Start Listening

    Forms of nouns Types of nouns Words ending in such suffixes as -ion, -sion, -tion, -ness, -ance, -ence, -ment, -ity are usually nouns. Pick out the nouns in the following words. Countable noun Uncountable noun. B How to distinguish between singular and plural countable nouns When talking about just one person, animal, place or thing, we use singular countable nouns.

    When talking about two or more people, animals, places or things, we have to make countable nouns plural.

    Plural nouns usually end in -s. For example: It is because sweeten makes me feel better. Dessert is a noun; therefore, it can be the subject of the sentence. Sweeten is not a noun, so it cannot come in the subject position. Positions of nouns Nouns can be subjects, objects, or complements of sentences.

    Nouns basically follow articles, possessives, or adjectives. After an article: Article After a possessive: Possessive After an adjective: Verb X Noun 0: A noun should follow the adjective positive and functions as an object of the verb got.

    A verb cannot be put in this position. Adjective X Noun 0 An adjective cannot function as a subject and follow the article the. Instead, a noun is needed.

    In the ex- ample, information is the correct option. GmD 01 Our company strengthened security, secure by hiring more guards. A const ruct ion C constructive B construct 04 related [rileitid] field [fi: Boy is a countable noun and can be used in the plural form, whereas sugar is an uncount- able noun and cannot be used in the plural form.

    An uncountable noun does not have the plural form. IDD 01 Diana obtained access, accesses to classified files. Anderson has received some advice, advices from his co-workers. Shriver in the finance department. A statements B statement 01 obtain [abtein] classified [kla'isafaid] 02 supplier [sapl6iar] 03 receive [risi: In English, different numeric expressions can come before countable and uncountable nouns. Uncountable noun much a little little less f Numeric expressions before singular and plural countable nouns Different numeric expressions can come before singular and plural countable nouns.

    Choose the correct option for each of the following sentences. Tom Klein, Training Manager To: All employees C Most D Little I would like to remind you about the training program you are scheduled to take. Give up the habits that may prevent you from enjoy- ing shopping. Ease your hunger while going shopping. You can try various kinds of food at a supermarket or a shop- ping center consisting of different sections.

    Go to the shops that provide customers with the best services. The stores that offer free samples can bring both shoppers and window-shoppers great joy. Take advantage of the Internet to equip yourself with such information as the latest designs, the most fashionable colors, etc. Do not always listen to all advertisements because they may appeal to downloaders.

    Concentrate on broadcasts at shopping centers. Day3 Week1 ' ' J. Choose one correct option in the parentheses. ID1D 01 The hotel consists of, by, with eighty-seven rooms. In Part 7, NOT questions are those that require you to choose an answer that is not stated,..

    TRUE questions ask you to choose an answer that is true, mentioned, or stated in a reading.. What is NOT mentioned as a requirement for this job? What is NOT included in the tour package? What is stated about the Cox City Herald? What does the letter say about Mr. Find out key word s in the question Read the question. In case of TRUE questions, the key word s often follow s stated or about. For example, in the question What is NOT mentioned as a requirement for this job?

    Check each of the given answer choices based on a reading passage In a reading passage, find out a sentence that contains the key word s or paraphrased key word s of the question. Then compare the information around that sentence with each given answer choice. In case of NOT questions, leave out options that are true, mentioned, or stated in a reading passage; however, in case of TRUE questions, leave out options that are not mentioned in a reading passage.

    Pick out the correct answer that is similar to or not similar to a reading passage After comparing with the reading passage, choose the option that is relevant in meaning to the reading passage in case of TRUE questions; otherwise, choose the irrelevant option in case of NOT questions. The question below refers to the following advertisement. Welcome to FiveStar Hotel. With a system of comfortable and fully-equipped first-class rooms, together with excellent service and well-trained staff in our hotel, you can enjoy your stay with beauti- ful scenery, unforgettable experience and the best comfort life can offer.

    In addition, with our high-ranking restaurant and experienced chefs, we will bring you the most delicious dishes from all corners of the world. Besides, a deluxe spa and fitness center will give you complete refreshment. Furthermore, we provide facilities, which are suitable for all kinds of conferences, from the small meeting rooms to the large assembly rooms for international conferences.

    We are now offering a bonus mileage program in order to bring special benefits to foreign customers and free shuttle buses at the airport every hour. Compare each given answer choice with information in the reading passage Question: Choose the correct answer that is not mentioned in the reading passage Analyzing: The key word is facility following NOT mentioned as. Compare the information around the sentence containing the key word facil- ity or paraphrased key word with each of the given answer choices.

    As A A restaurant, B An international meeting room, and C Free shuttle buses can be found in the reading passage, eliminate those answer choices. B former 02 Yearly pay raises will be determined after the employee evaluations. A interviewed B assessed 03 The hotel announced that it will reopen its newly improved restaurant next month. A innovative B renovated 04 According to last month's report, the sales department reached its monthly sales target.

    B connected 02 raise [reiz] determine [dita: A Seven-year-old children will not be charged admission. B Seven-year-old children will be admitted only if they are with an adult. A Not all of the job applicants will be interviewed.

    B Candidates need to confirm the date and time of the interview. Watson's position. A The replacement for Mr. Watson has not been appointed yet. B The appointment of Mr. Watson has not been confirmed yet. A I did not receive most of my morning meals on time.

    B I received the wrong order five times during my stay. IDlD In order to request a Royal Bank credit card, please fax the completed application form along with the following information: Confirmation of your application will be made by e-mail within two business days after all the required documents have been received.

    A A piece of identification B A current financial statement C Proof of employment Question 10 refers to the following notice. The Weldon University Library is open to all members of the university and is accessible with an active university identification card. Members of the local community may also use the university library system.

    A Use of the library is rest ricted to members of certain departments. B People not connected to the university must pay for a membership.

    C The library is open on all public holidays. As a renowned web-hosting provider, we would like to help you to find a web host suitable for your needs. First, if someone tries to access your site but finds that it is slow, he will simply go down the list to find another site.

    Slow access is very frustrating for visitors. Try out the host you are considering over a period of time to check its speed. Second, most free web hosts put advertising on your website. Some hosts require you to place a banner on your pages, and others display a window that pops up every time your site opens. Some hosts add an advertising page, which takes up space on your site. Whichever method is used, check to see if you are comfortable with the method.

    Please send an e-mail to us at customer excelweb. Words used to replace nouns or names in order to avoid. Personal pronouns Personal pronouns refer to "grammatical persons" showing a specific person or thing by using words such as he, him, she, her, you, etc. Personal pronouns vary in form depending on their function in a sentence.

    Personal pronouns used as subjects are subjective pronouns; personal pronouns used as objects are objective pronouns. Day4 Week 1 - Possessive pronouns Possessive pronouns are used to substitute a group of words that are indicating a possession relation. A possessive pronoun must stand in the place of your book. B j Reflexive pronouns We use the reflexive pronouns to indicate that the person who realizes the action of the verb is the same person who receives the action.

    V John talks to when he is nervous. In this sentence himself refers to John. A j www. Demonstrative pronoun Q f: IJ Which of the following words fits the sentence? This refers to singular nouns; these refers to plural nouns. Indefinite pronoun Indefinite pronoun Which of the following in the parentheses is the correct choice? I like you. I is used as a subjective pronoun and you is used as an objective pronoun.

    Subjective pronoun: Subject position Objective pronoun: Possessive pronouns can function as subjects, objects, or complements. Ford was late for him, his physical examination. D herself Answers: Today, the weather in San Francisco is better than the weather in New York. In this example, the weather is used twice, and this makes the sentence sound awkward. Preferably, a demonstrative pronoun should be used to avoid unneces- sary repetition. Use that if a noun is singular; otherwise, use those.

    This and that are put before singular nouns. These and those are put before plural nouns. Plural noun www. Some of you here have already met our boss. Some is used to refer to an indefinite number or amount. Some is mainly used in affirmatives; any is used in negatives and questions.

    I the other I another I others I the others The other means the remaining out of the two mentioned. Another means one more among those mentioned. Others means some more among those mentioned. The others means all the remaining of the group mentioned. IDD 01 Some proposals got support from the board, but the other, the others did not. One is here. Where are the other, the others? There are another, others. A another C any B some D few Answers: My younger brother is interested in films. He often goes to the cinema.

    My younger brother is a singular noun, so the pronoun he is used to avoid the repetition of my younger brother. A pronoun should agree with its preceding noun in terms of number and gender. Singular noun Plural X Singular 0 Agreement between pronouns and nouns in terms of gender If a noun has the masculine gender, its pronoun should be masculine he, him, his, himself ; if a noun is feminine, its pronoun should be feminine she, her, hers, herself.

    Besides, if a noun is neither male nor female, its pronoun should be it or itself. Neutral Masculine X Neutral 0 www. Peck is the department head. She, He is announcing the new office procedures to the team. He, They have read this magazine for years. Vega and Mr. Rios will speak to the client. We, They want to meet his demands. Of those, we feel that Joseph Scott is the best. Joseph Scott is 07 A those B this C that D these not only skilled in financial analysis, but is also an excellent writer.

    This will be a great asset for us. Please let us know when it would be convenient for you to meet Mr. Elasis] asset [reset] www. Computer Assisted Lan- guage Learning CALL is also the name of an inter- continental journal which leads the field in its ded- ication to all matters associated with the use of com- puters in language learning, teaching and testing.

    In the following pages, a general picture of the changes that CALL brings with it will be presented. First of all , the advantages and disadvantages inher- ent in the use of CALL will be pointed out ; later, the technical requirements for the use of CALL will be presented; thirdly, an analysis of the implementa- tion of CALL for the practice and improvement of the four language skills will be developed.

    And finally, dif- ferent resources available on the Internet for English teaching and learning as a second language will be enumerated. In the last section, some lines will be devoted to the analysis of the effectiveness of com- puter conferencing in the field of ESL. Computers are used in scientific and daily life applications. CALL is also the name of an intercontinental journal. Margie Weston, Marketing Manager To: Lee has been working for our company's marketing -- 08 A campaign C department B management D sales for two years and has shown a keen interest in sales.

    I have complete confidence in Ms. Lee's ability to attract potential customers to Global Network. Inference questions usually include words like suggest, most likely, imply, probably. Here are some typical inference questions. Making an inference from What does the article suggest? For whom is this notice most likely intended? Making an inference from a specific detail: What does the e-mail imply about Tommy?

    How will Eva probably respond to the memo? Identify key word s in the question Questions such as What does the article suggest? In case an inference question requires you to draw a conclusion about a specific detail s , a key word s usually follow s the words suggested about, imply about. For example, in What is suggested about the Monte residents? Find hints for the answer choices Hints to help choose the answer to an inference question related to the whole reading passage can be found in the whole reading passage.

    With an inference question related to a specific detai l, locate part of the reading passage that contains the key word s , then find hints for the answer. Find the correct answer based on hints Choose the correct answer based on the hints found in Step 2. Inference should be based on the details stated in the reading passage.

    Quick Papa Transportation Company is recruiting part-time staff working from 9: Since work relates to data input for transportation documents, good computer skills are required. You will be paid 12 dollars per hour.

    We are looking for applicants who can work for more than three months. Bonuses will be given for extra hours. If you are interested in the job, please contact us at Find hints for the answer choices Question: What is implied about requirements for the job? Identify key word s in the question A Using computers at work B Transporting computers -step 3: Choose the correct answer based on hints Analyzing: Read the question and identify this is an inference question based on the word implied.

    The key word is requirements. Find hints for the answer choices in the reading passage containing the key word requirements. As stated in the reading passage, good computer skills is the job requirement. Make an inference based on hints for the correct answer good computer skills. According to the reading passage, it can be inferred that A Using computers at work is a requirement. Therefore, the correct answer is A. A deadline B acceptance 03 Sale prices are val id from this Friday until next Friday.

    A alternative B effective 04 Room service for a complimentary beverage is available until1 0 p. A fresh B free 01 contract [kontrrekt] tenant [tenant] landlord Orendl3: A Appropriate attire must be worn in the laboratory. B People are asked to wear comfortable clothes in the laboratory. A Candidates who speak three languages will succeed in the company. B Candidates with fluency in a variety of languages will be hired.

    A Emporia specializes in customized furnishings. B Emporia's specialty is designing and decorating offices. A Jan Pal's newest movie is more technically accomplished. B Jan Pal's most recent release uses more complex technology. Day4 Week 1 , ,, '1 J. IDD There is a ninety-day warranty on all of our telephones. If there is a defect with any of our products, you can receive a free replacement as long as you have the original receipt.

    However, machines damaged by improper use, such as incorrect installation or water damage, are not covered by this guarantee. To request a replacement, you must first e-mail us at the address listed below. Once we have received the e-mail and the defective product, we will send you a replacement at no charge. A Employees of the manufacturer B Telephone technicians C downloadrs of phones Question 10 refers to the following memorandum.

    I truly appreciate your taking my place at the conference in Las Vegas.

    I have participated in the conference in the past and found the contacts I made to be professionally reward- ing. All the travel arrangements are prepared for you, including accommodations.

    Your flight, car rental, and hotel have all been paid for in advance. If you have any extra busi- ness expenses, please keep the receipts. You will be reimbursed. A It is a good place to form business relationships. B It will be held for the first time. C It requires paying a registration fee.

    Each year, this award is granted to educators who have devoted twenty years of their lives to teaching. Nominees must have a minimum of twenty years of experience teaching literature to qualify for the award.

    They should also be a current member of MLEA. Members may nominate instructors who meet the requirements. In order to be considered, the awards chairperson must receive your completed Outstanding Service Award form by August 1. The awards chairperson will announce the winner on October 1. The awards will be presented to award recipients at the annual MLEA winter conference on December C Members of the association B The chairperson is selected by teachers.

    D The award has been presented in earlier years. The car is luxurious. A luxurious car The part of speech that describes or explains the shapes, qualities or states of a noun is called an adjective. What is an adverb?

    The panther runs vJry quifkly. The word very modifies the word quickly. The part of speech that adds more details to an adjective, a verb, an adverb, or a whole sentence is called an adverb.

    In English, adjectives can come before and modify nouns, for example A luxurious car; or follow linking verbs to clarify the shapes, qualities or states of the subject of a sentence, for example The car is luxurious. It can also follow a linking verb to clarify the state of the subject of a sentence.

    A Forms of adverbs Most adverbs are formed by adding the suffix -ly to their adjectives. Y' quick quick! Before noun: Noun Complement: DayS Week 1 ',. A critical C criticize B critically D criticizes..

    It rains heavily. In this sentence, the word heavily modifies the verb rain. The words that modify verbs are usually adverbs. When modifying a verb, an adverb can come before or after the verb. Besides, an adverb can come at the beginning of a sentence to modify a whole sentence.

    Before adjective: Before adverb: Before verb: After verb: At the beginning of a sentence: Verb Regrettably. Adjective X Adverb 0 Adjective Occasion,. IDD 01 Ms.

    Byrd usually, usual makes coffee when she arrives at the office. A regrettable B regretfully C regret D regrets Answers: The company recruited profitable, proficient staff. Profitable means likely to make money, while proficient means able to do something well. So proficient is the correct choice in this sentence.

    In English, some adjectives and adverbs look more or less similar but have different meanings. Considerate means thinking carefully, whereas considerable means large in size or amount.

    Successive means happening one after another in a series, whereas successful means achieving the result that you want. Confusing adverbs Beware of and identify adverbs that are quite different in meaning.

    Hardly means almost not, whereas hard means using a lot of effort.

    Hacker Toeic Reading-David Cho (Ebook)

    IDa 01 The election was close, closely observed by the media. C favorably D favor If you are not sure of how to manage your savings, contact Investment Associates. We can give you information on what investment strategies can most help you. The best time to begin setting investment goals is while you are in your twenties. After graduating from university, I applied to an extremely successful company which generates funds for the staff's welfare.

    I was cautiously opti- mistic about the chance to work for this company; however, there were so many highly qualified and prospective employees. As I was so excited to be accepted that I con- stantly told the interviewer that I would be ready to work extended hours, pay no attention to early re- tirement, and devote myself to the company.

    How- ever, I immediately recognized, in his despising eyes, that I had nothing but an obese body. What should I do to succeed in a job interview? Therefore, what I mean is Sam Parker, Regional Manager To: Sales staff First, I would like to thank all the members of the sales team for their hard work.

    If you continue to do as well as last quarter, management will compensate you for your dedication and hard work. So keep up the great work! In Part 7, synonym questions ask you to choose the answer which is synonymous with or: The word "drew" in paragraph 1, line 4 is closest in meaning to Read the question, then identify the word and its location in a reading passage Read the question, then identify the word and locate it in a passage.

    For example, with the question The word "drew" in paragraph 1, line 4 is closest in meaning to, we can locate the word "drew" in line 4 of paragraph 1 in the reading passage. Identify the meaning of the word in context Read the sentence containing the word carefully in order to understand its meaning in context. Choose the synonym Choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the word in the question.

    Synonyms that do not fit the context are often used as distractors; therefore, the answer should be both similar in meaning to the intended word and appropriate in the context.

    Dear Ms. Ralph, I would like to congratulate on the grand opening of your company last September. As this is the biggest annual event. Key word A methods B range of activities Step 3: Choose the synonym Analyzing: Identify the question type based on the phrase The word The target word footsteps can be found in line 9 of the reading passage. Read the sentence that contains the word and try to figure out the meaning.

    The phrase Therefore, footsteps refers to range of activities. Choose the correct answer B.

    The noun sandwiches is the object in the sentence. Complement In the sentence She is happy, she is the subject, and happy is an adjective. The adjective happy cannot come in the object position. It helps explain the woman's state or feeling. In the sentence The present made her happy, happy points out the state or feeling of the object her. The adjective that modifies the subject or object in a sentence is called the complement.

    Modifier Modifiers add more information to basic parts in sentences. For example, in the sentence Jane dances beautifully, beautifully describes the action dance in more detail.

    Thus, the word that adds more information like beautifully in a sentence is called the modifier. Five basic sentence patterns www. It con- tains a subject and a verb, and the meaning is com- plete. A modifier may be added to give more infor- mation to the subject or the verb. Intransitive verbs such as go, leave, live, or run mostly form sentence pattern 1.

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